What College Admission Committee Want in 2024

What College Admission Committee Want in 2024
Published: 5 years ago

What College Admission Committee Want in 2024


Crafting a compelling college admission essay is your gateway to academic success.


But what do college admission committees want from the college applicants?


It gets more daunting when you have to make multiple applications at once while including recommendation


letters and college application essays every time! 


Even long after you have made your application, you will still find yourself wondering if your application was


good enough or what are the trends in college admission in 2024


Now imagine having an expert whispering on your shoulder expert tips and personalized guidance on how to


write stellar college application essays!


This is exactly what professional tutoring services present to you as you prepare to scramble for a chance to


join your dream college!


What is a college admission essay?


The college admission essay presents you a chance to present a personalized plea in form of an admission

essay, beyond your grades and scores.


This nerve-wracking process is meant to elevate an applicant’s impression in the eyes of the committee.


It is the applicant’s chance to demonstrate why they are a better match for the opportunity by demonstrating


commitment to improve the university community.


Before you write your essay, you need to plan. 


I will outline the necessary steps during the planning process.


College application essays or personal statements require prospective college applicants to present their


personality, experiences, accomplishments, goals, and distinct attributes to the admissions panel.


5 Trends in college admissions in 2024


In the United States, campuses use three primary criteria to determine which student to admit or not; these

criteria are:

  • Preparatory work performance - the GPA,

  • Standard test- the SAT and the ACT

  • Admission essay


Of the three, the admission essay gives you a chance to distinguish yourself from your fellow applicants.


It is a paper that allows you to impress the person behind the statistics.


This article provides you with the relevant details of what you need to know about an entrance essay


But the selection process is as fluid as times and 2024 is characterized by an increasingly large applicants


pool and these are some trends I also want you to be aware of:


#1: Rising number of applicants


The Elite Educational Institute noted a record-breaking surge in the number of college applicants in most


colleges over the past few years.


There was a 10% and 14% increase in applications to private and public colleges respectively in 2023.


However, the number of vacancies remained the same which means being shortlisted on the waitlist is not




Applicants should proceed to write letters of continued interest to the colleges they really wish to join.


#2 Standardized test scores are increasingly important in the review process


Following the COVID-19 pandemic, applicants had the option of submitting SAT and ACT test scores only if


they thought they would bolster their application.


These have however been reinstated in most prominent universities as compulsory parts of the college


application process requirements.


Since these standardized tests are now used as determinants for your potential, you might want to prepare


and take these tests to improve your selection chances to get admitted.


#3: Increased number of Early action applicants


An early admission to college is where an applicant receives the admission decision before regularly


application deadline.


This can come in three types of early admission; an Early Decision (ED) where the applicant MUST attend the


college; Early Action (EA) where they are free to apply to other colleges; and Restricted Early Action (REA)


where college applicants have until 1st of May to decide if they will accept the admission.


The number of students applying for these options has also gone up significantly.


Most colleges have consequently increased the number of initial application slots on this provisions.


#4: Ban of Affirmative Action in College admission


In June of 2023, the US Supreme Court banned colleges from using race as a college admission




This left colleges to let applicants “discuss” how their identity had affected their perspectives about society and




This common college admission essay question is where we recommend you share your most compelling


experiences that have shaped your identity.


#5: Video of introduction


Most of the renown colleges have been known to ask college applicants to share an optional video introducing


themselves during application.


The idea is to put a human face to the grades and data on test scores.


Since college application essays are still important, the use of AI and custom essay writers is something they


use to identify genuine first impressions.


Admirable personal qualities like charisma, humor and maturity are easier seen than read.


This presentation is a great way to showcase your personality so we recommend you use it.


Characteristics of a well written college-application essay


The college admission committee is comprised of officers who have seen and read a whole lot of essays.


Some of these are poor, many are good but a number of them are great which is where I want you to stand.


Here is the criteria to countercheck your essay against to ensure it stands out among the well-written ones.


  • Does your essay respond directly to the essay questions?

  • Did you effectively choose words in terms of structure and syntax?

  • Does your college application essay have a strong opening paragraph that will capture the reader’s interest?

  • Did you put forth a comprehensive narrative or argument such that you make a valid point and stick to it?

  • Did you write naturally in a comfortable style that is appropriate for the college application?

  • Did you punctuate your sentences correctly with correct grammar and spelling?

  • Is your college application essay succinct?


Who can write my college admission essay?


Some colleges have been known to ask applicants to sign statements stating the essays are explicitly their


own works.


Students transitioning from high school might need a hand with this but just how much help is appropriate?


The professional college application essay counselors understand just how much help to students on their


college application essays is necessary.


These experienced essay writers can assist students through a virtual platform and also provide a platform for


them to converse with a professional tutor in real-time.


When it comes to service provision, they understand college admission essay writing.


They are able to provide brainstorming techniques which helps students making college application to face


writers block.


The experience of an experienced essay writer is mostly for giving feedback on the ready or almost finished


essay pointing out areas of that need improvement.


Register here today and begin an exciting journey in academic proficiency.


Understand what the admission board wants from you


 The trick to impressing the committee is to understand what they look for in your application.


They seek to establish the uniqueness of your story in terms of experiences, background and aspirations.


If you are still wondering what the council really seeks to admit students, they are seeking applicants who will


Participate in the education process and contribute to the experience of other students” and “bring honor and


prestige to the institution when they graduate”.


In light of these you need to ask yourself;


  • How will I show that I am focused, determined, and ambitious in my studies?

  • How will be a source of prestige and honor to the campus once I complete my studies?

  • What can I do that will positively affect the lives of my fellow students?


5 things the college admission committee will be looking for in your



A. Academic Performance


Your GPA is the most important part of the college application process but it is not the only consideration.


The type of courses you have already taken in your high school is also considered and the college admission


committee is looking to be convinced with a strong academic streak.


This is the evidence that you can handle college-level work.


B. Personal statements and college admission essays


According to the University of Sussex, your personal statement should demonstrate your critical thinking,


organization, planning, time management, research and communication skills.


Stacy Blackman advices that you should not agonize over whether your profile will interest the committee as


long as you showcase these skills.


These self-reflective are cross examined against the program’s ability to help you meet your goals so it is


important that you are authentic, compelling and accurate about who you are.


C. Letters of recommendation


Former teachers, coaches, supervisors, counselor, and mentors get the chance to make the case for you.


They get a chance to demonstrate your work ethic, character, and potential to succeed in college.


These offer anecdotes examples and real-life observations that cannot be seen in your scores or college


application essays.


Ask for a letter of recommendation from a people you have had meaningful connections with that are likely to


give positive insights about your abilities.


D. Extracurricular activities


Participation in extracurricular activities like sports, clubs, volunteer work and school-sponsored activities like


charity while in college is both fun and important for your college application.


Showcasing these involvements in your college application essay will demonstrate to the college admission


committee that you are all-round and passionate about things beyond grades.


These involvements demonstrate who you are helping an admission committee fit you to the best program.


Showcasing your ability to balance academics with extracurricular activities is also something the college


admission committee will surely notice.


E. Demonstrate How you will contribute to the university


You must portray yourself as a person of substance who is dedicated and determined to impact the institution




Under this section, what you need to highlight is your strengths.


However, as you do so, you need not lie, honesty is the way to go.


Write about your additional skills, such as; you can speak five different languages, you are an excellent piano


player, you are an excellent footballer or swimmer, and so on.


Are you a great athlete?


Are you good in writing probably you can be blogging to market the university.


 Anything you are good at, do not hesitate to mention it.


The college admission committee wants to be convinced that you will fit in the campus culture so attend those


college open houses and express your eagerness to join by applying early!  


Bonus Point- Be keen when answering the prompt essay


 Unlike other essays, the prompt admission essay is not meant to trick you; instead, it is intended to test


whether you can follow instructions, think critically, and your creativity level.


Do not be intimidated instead believe in yourself. Having finalized planning, you can now go ahead and write


your essay.


 In case you need some tutoring or samples to guide you write your admission essay, you can readily find


reliable experts online who offer excellent academic writing and tutoring services at an affordable price.


The website is recognized across the world. 


The support team is available 24/7- you can contact us any time any day. Our support and customer care


services are exceptional.


Click here to Register for assistance on how to write winning term papers or college admission essays.


Now start your exciting journey in achieving your academic aspirations.


Crafting a compelling college admission essay is undoubtedly a daunting task, fraught with uncertainties and


anxieties. Yet, it stands as the gateway to realizing your academic aspirations and securing a future filled with


opportunities. As you embark on this journey, it's essential to understand what college admission committees


seek in their applicants and stay informed about the evolving trends in college admissions.


In the dynamic landscape of college admissions in 2024, the surge in applicants, reinstatement of


standardized tests, and the shift towards early admission options underscore the competitiveness of the


process. However, amidst these challenges lies the opportunity to shine by showcasing your unique qualities,


experiences, and aspirations through your admission essays.


With expert guidance and personalized support from professional tutoring services, you can navigate this


intricate process with confidence and clarity. These services offer invaluable insights, strategic advice, and


tailored assistance to help you craft stellar college application essays that resonate with admission




As you prepare to embark on this transformative journey, remember to stay true to yourself, express your


authentic voice, and demonstrate your passion for learning and growth. By adhering to these principles and


leveraging the resources at your disposal, you can embark on a path towards academic success and


fulfillment. So, seize the opportunity, embrace the challenge, and embark on your exciting journey towards


achieving your academic aspirations.





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