10 Proven Ways to Boost Student Learning Outcomes

10 Proven Ways to Boost Student Learning Outcomes
Published: 5 years ago

10 Proven Ways to Boost Student Learning Outcomes


Enhancing academic performance is a collaborative effort between institutions and students.

The learning environment and teaching techniques significantly influence students' achievements.

To successfully improve the academic performance of students, it is paramount for the institution to provide a conducive environment for learning and apply the best teaching technique.

According to the university of Missouri, students need to be physically and mentally prepared to learn.

Success in education can hardly be achieved if the teachers and learners do not cooperate.   

Outlined in this article are the best tips on how to improve the learning outcomes in college students.

Strategies for Students

You might be wondering what learners can do to improve their performance but it is quite simple.

Here are five easy hacks I recommend every student to employ:

  1. Cultivate a Positive Attitude: Overcome challenges with a positive mindset, coupled with consistent practice.

  2. Attend and Engage in Classes: Actively participate in lectures by attentively listening and seeking clarification when needed.

  3. Organize Your Study Routine: Develop a structured schedule and ensure you have the necessary resources for each class.

  4. Take Comprehensive Notes: Record key points during lectures for future reference, ensuring accuracy and clarity.

  5. Prioritize Revision: Dedicate ample time to review course materials using methods that suit your learning style.

Let me delve into these in a little more depth.

Adopt a positive attitude

 At times when students are faced with a challenging subject or a topic, they tend to feel defeated, daunting, and sometimes depressed.

As a result, one might develop a negative attitude towards the subject or topic.

To arrest the situation, one needs to start taking control of the situation mentally: by developing a positive attitude. 

It would be prudent to pair a positive attitude with practice to be able to succeed.

Attend classes and pay attention

 Attending classes is one thing paying attention to the tutor is another.

To be able to understand what is being taught, you need to not only attend classes but also be attentive when the teacher is teaching.   

Take time to understand what is being taught instead of just copying what is written on the board.

When you get stuck, the best thing to do is to ask questions.

What is the worst that could happen anyway?

 Organize yourself appropriately

 Another common downfall among college students is failure to plan.

Poor time management has been know to cause stress among students even students taking online classes.

Suprisingly, it starts with a simple step- ensure you have your class schedules before hand.

This will enable you to plan your entire semesters well, and prepare yourself mentally for each class all the way to the end of the semester.

Also, ensure you have the required tools for the course.

Carry a laptop or have the right gear if you are going for a practical lesson.

Record your class work

No matter how bright you are, you cannot remember everything taught in class.

Ensure you take notes for future reference.

Also, as you record your work ensure you have the right information which should be error-free and eligible.

This goes for online classes too where you should be keen enough with minimal distractions to ensure you grasp everything you learn. 

Take your revision seriously

Passing exams is not a walk in the park - the students need to have revised thoroughly.

revise but having an experienced researcher whispering how to write a term paper on your shoulder is pretty close to perfect.

If you prefer holding group discussions, there are quite a number of benefits from this too.

Therefore, you can pick the method that suits you best as long as you engage in a form of revision practice.

I always recommend college students to study as a group but other times recommend they take time to revise on their own.

If both of these dont cut it for you, you can always go to a perfect tutor to guide you.

What the institution can do to improve the students' performance

Well, as I mentioned, boosting student learning outcomes is a collaborative effort between students and the institutions. 

So what can institutions can do:

  1. Recruit Qualified Educators: Employ teachers who are adept at employing effective teaching methodologies and understanding students' individual needs.

  2. Offer Financial Support: Provide assistance to students facing financial constraints to minimize dropouts and academic underperformance.

  3. Implement Competency-Based Courses: Design curricula that emphasize practical skills relevant to real-world applications.

  4. Embrace Technological Advancements: Equip facilities with modern technology for enhanced learning experiences, including online tutoring and courses.

 Hire qualified teachers

I like to say that teaching is an art, if not a calling and not everyone is called to do it.

Essentially, most people who opt to pursue teaching claim that they have a passion for it.

Additionally teaching is about the transfer of knowledge it is highly unlikely that an unqualified teacher will transfer resourceful expertise and training to learners.

Qualified teachers are more likely to adopt the best teaching methods, understand their students at a personal level, and impacting knowledge more efficiently. 

One of the most hailed teaching method today is technology-based learning which employs features like virtual learning and conferencing

Do you think this counts as part of a professional tutor?

 Provide financial aids to the students

Well, finances are a major cause of students dropping out of school and sometimes being in and out of school, resulting to them underperforming.

The institution should work hand in hand with the government to facilitate the needy students so that they can be able to meet their academic aspiration. 

College administrators can also help struggling students figure out how to apply for financial aid. 

 Some institutions offer students work-study jobs within the school, such as in the library where the student can study as they earn to help them offset school fees.

Provide competent-based courses

Do you know what is a competency-based education?

It is a teaching and assessment framework which focuses on outcomes in the real world. 

The school administration owes it to the students to provide them with relevant courses that are practicable in the outside world.

The schools should focus on offering "hands-on" training such that when the learner goes out in the job market, they would not need to be trained once more.

That way, students will be able to practice what they have learned in class and improve their skills.

Embrace technology

In today's world, technology is the way to go- the institution should equip the labs and other training venues with proper technological equipment to facilitate students' learning.

It should also apply technology in teaching, grading, and assessing the student's performance.

Techniques such as online tutoring facilitate students who might need` extra assistance away from class.

Online courses - suit the non-traditional students and help them a great deal pursuing their career as they study.

Online professional tutoring has never been this effective.

How does Online professional tutoring help to Boost Student Learning Outcomes?

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Enhancing academic performance is a joint effort between institutions and students.

The learning environment and teaching methods play pivotal roles in students' achievements.

For institutions, recruiting qualified educators, providing financial aid, offering competency-based courses, and embracing technology are crucial.

Meanwhile, students can improve their performance by cultivating a positive attitude, attending classes attentively, organizing their study routines, taking comprehensive notes, and prioritizing revision.

Online professional tutoring, such as PerfectGrader.com, offers invaluable assistance in boosting student learning outcomes by providing personalized support and guidance.







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