6 Best ways to cope with anxiety as a freshman in 2024

6 Best ways to cope with anxiety as a freshman in 2024
Published: 5 years ago

6 Best ways to cope with anxiety as a freshman in 2024


Starting college life can be overwhelming-: there are so many unfamiliar experiences happening in a new environment.

It is no wonder a significant number of first-year students find themselves getting anxious.

According to the National Library of Medicine, being nervous after joining college is normal. 

However, a student needs to know their nervousness level- is it within the normal range? 

How do I cope with it?

What are the comfort zones?

In this article, I'll dive right into 6 of the best tips on how to deal with freshman anxiety.

Get organized

Get your life together, ensure your clothes are in order, dressing properly boost your self-confidence.

Have the class timetable- To avoid getting late for a class.

Also, take a prior visit to the class venue-since a college is a big institution it is easy to get lost within the compound. 

Lastly, ensure you hand in your assignments on time. By getting organized, you will be able to avoid anxiety-inducing experiences.  

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Taking care of yourself helps a great deal in fighting anxiety.

Develop personal techniques that will enable you to the coup.

Such strategies include:  having enough sleep, exercising, eating well, engaging in your hobby, taking a walk, and talking to friends.

Rely on your support system  

After joining college, you are prone to feel lonely, which might induce anxiety.   

Get in touch with your family and friends back home.

They understand you better, and by talking to them makes you feel better.

Having a support system is paramount as you will be able to share your problems and worries with them, which not only brings you closer together but also ease the burden on you.

Get engaged

 Keeping yourself active and engaging in school activities is an easy route to socialize and make friends.

Get to volunteer activities engage in your hobby, be it music, dancing, writing, and swimming, and so on.

Have personal time

Depending on your personality, some people get too anxious when they are around crowds of people.

Allocate your alone time whereby you will be able to relax, in a quiet environment.

It enables you to recharge and think clearly.

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 Seek professional assistance

Sometimes your anxiety may become acute; at that point, it is paramount you seek assistance from a professional to curb the situation from getting worse.

Almost all institutions of higher learning have therapists within the school. Do not be afraid to reach out to them.

Signs that your anxiety the normal range include: lack of sleep, you will find yourself continually avoiding social scenes, lack of appetite/overeating, and feeling depressed.

The therapist will listen to you, and provide solutions to your situation, and eventually, you will be able to restore your self-confidence.

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